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Mali’s March to Democracy

Posted in West Africa on March 26th, 2009 by Edward Bussa – 7 Comments
To dare to fight is to dare to conquer

"Democracy Now" (on left) and "To dare to fight is to dare to conquer" (on right)

The spirit of a people

Tribute to the Martyrs

Tribute to the Martyrs - "B" side

So why does Mali matter, anyway?  I think a stable country on a volatile continent is something significant and worth paying attention to.  On a personal level though, I am inspired by the events that took place on Mali’s road to independence.  It is a testimony in our time of a people fighting for their voice to be heard and their eventual triumph over years of injustice.  Yet none of this was brought on by any external influence or power.  Rather, it is the spirit of the Malian people and their desire to govern themselves that sparked the events of that fateful Friday in 1991 …  read more »

Mali, Molly, Maui and Malawi

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Map of Mali

GIANT MAP OF MALI (yes, that's me)

Oh the confusion!

The location of the West African country of Mali is little known.  When I try to explain where Mali is, most people have never heard of it.  Sometimes it helps to make it clear where Mali is not.  The name that comes to the mind of many is the tropical island of Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands.  Mali is not Maui.  It ain’t Malawi either. Incredibly enough, even some post offices around the world haven’t heard of Mali.  The people I know who live there tell stories of mail being lost for weeks because it was first routed to the country of Malawi — a different African country more than 3500 miles away! read more »

A New Format

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New format? There was an old format?

Actually, not really.  The old Threadster wasn’t so great.  In fact, it was so not great there wasn’t even a front page for our visitors to land on.

So, join me in welcoming the new Threadster!, adventures in photography, is a place for stories, told through images and text, about the people and places I am most passionate about.  If you haven’t seen any of my photography before, you can find a compilation of my work at  However, this is the only place to find the stories behind the photos, and many can be seen here first. read more »