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Shoot High

Posted in Xyz on May 31st, 2009 by Edward Bussa – 2 Comments

The job? Capture a portrait for the back credits area of a new music CD. The hope? Get a shot that could be used for the cover. How? Solve problems.

I was able to talk with DF Michael beforehand to plan a few shots that would work for the back credit area. During our conversation, I learned how important it was for Michael to prominently feature his guitar, a treasured gift hand crafted by his brother in Italy. The problem would be getting the guitar close to Michael’s face while still looking natural.

So first we worked on getting these planned shots:

Then I asked Michael if we could try an idea I’d been thinking about. read more »

Cherry Blossoms, 2009

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Every year I hope for maybe two nice weather days so I can do more planning and get a larger variety of shots. Per usual, in her maternal wisdom, mother nature only gave me one, again. This year was very windy so rather than spend time in the orchard focusing on blossoms, I roamed Old Mission instead. To see more from this year’s trip, click on the image below.

(Click image to see Blossoms 2009 gallery)

(Click image to see Blossoms 2009 gallery)


Does Coaching beat Managing and Supervising?

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Coaching is better

Coaching is better

A friend of mine, Alan Adyniec, introduced me to the idea of using the coaching model to organize people and their efforts instead of other more traditional styles of management.  I have to admit, it sounds like more fun than your garden variety “beatings will continue until morale improves” type of management – maybe more like going for a walk with a friend?

If you’re in a position or know someone in a position where this type of model could help produce better business results, Alan is holding a half-day seminar where he’s teaching the essentials for Coaching Employee Performance.  The seminar is on Wednesday, June 4th. Click the link to register.

If you take the plunge, be sure to mention that you found him here. Alan is offering a free one-on-one follow up session to readers of this post to help you develop a coaching process within your work area. Oh, and be sure to register soon. The early-bird special expires this Friday.

How is this related to photography you might ask? The photos are a result of my portrait session with Alan!

Alan Adyniec,

Alan Adyniec,

Enjoy! Ed.

Natural Antique

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Antiques are, without exception, man-made.  However, only part of their value can be created by man.  The rest is up to time and the elements.  Even a restored or “mint condtion” item derives it’s value from the fact that mother nature had her way with all the others that didn’t make it as far.

I just returned from Traverse City where the fruit trees are blossoming and the dandelions are showing off. I’ve started sorting through the images and I will share them soon. Until then, here is  an antique found along the way…

Antiqued Barn

Ugly Betty (and Dead Fred)

Posted in West Africa on May 12th, 2009 by Edward Bussa – 1 Comment

When I saw this on the main road through Segou, I had to stop, laugh and grab this image. Coiffure is French for hairstyle – you can probably translate most of it yourself.  Although, it must say something about funeral services in there somewhere, right?

Wedding Wear, Beauty Parlor and Undertaking?

Wedding Wear, Beauty Parlor and Undertaking?