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Meet Emmanuel

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Back to Africa

Well, I’m still not done with Week 3!  Actually, far from it.  I have one more post from Segou, which was only our first stop that week. After Segou comes our tour of  Dogon, a wedding in Sangha, our adventurous return navigating across the desert by GPS and an evening by the river in Mopti.  Before we get to all that however, I want to illustrate everyday working life in Mali.  This is the first of two seperate interviews with two men living and working in the capital city of Bamako, Mali.

Emmanuel Kamate

Emmanuel Kamate

Emmanuel Kamate prepares for portrait

Emmanuel Kamate  is a business man.  He runs a small store in the capital city of Bamako. Our equivalent would be called a convenience store, the French equivalent might be called a boutique. If you look closely, you can see that neither description probably fits.  The way most Malians purchase certain supplies is quite different than what we are accustomed to. But that is only part of this story – the part that outlines our differences.  The rest of the story is about Emmanuel, his family, and his friends. The story of a man providing for his family and for his children. That story has been told many times.  But because the story is so common, I think it brings the power of perspective into our own lives. I think it speaks to why sometimes we do things we don’t want to do – because others are counting on us.  For most of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way either.  So stay tuned for more about Emmanuel and his family and his friends in the next post…

Stay Committed!


Thanks Dad!

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Thank you Dad.

Still, the kindest, gentlest man I’ve ever known.

Thanks Pa, for everything.

Two things, Don’t miss either

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First up, Do you SoFoBoMo?

I won an award in a contest over at the website Of course, since the only competition was myself, I had some say in the matter.

SoFoBoMo is short for Solo Photo Book Month. The contest is to shoot, edit and publish a book of 35 photos in 31 days. Since I was able to do this, I am recognized as a “Finisher ’09”.

The book tells the story, in photographs, about spending 24 magical hours touring the countryside when the cherry trees blossom near Traverse City, Michigan.

You can download the book, titled “Cherryside” and all 35 images from this link:


Lastly, An inspiring and unfortunately true story

Through personal connections I’ve had the privilege of following a story about a family, David and Amy Wenzel, who recently learned their life will never be the same – David has a brain tumor. Even typing those words strikes fear into my heart. So actually going through such a trial is a stretch of comprehension for me.

David and Amy both have begun writing about the experience online. Both are very talented people and possess the ability to communicate at high levels. Both are leaning on their faith in a loving God to guide them in this experience. Nobody knows where all this will lead, and even though they are not superheroes with supernatural strength, their reaction to events so far has been inspiring.

Take the time to read through their posts, I doubt you’ll regret it.

David Wenzel’s Blog
Amy Wenzel’s Blog

Be Inspired!