Polar Bears and Trilliums

What 3 things do Polar Bears and Trillium flowers have in common?

Give already? The obvious one is they’re both white, but what about the other two?

Polar Bears and Trilliums are also both vulnerable and just trying to survive. I know, kind of the same thing, but really different if you think about it.

Trilliums are a protected flower in the state of Michigan, it is illegal to pick the flower from the plant because if you do, the plant dies and it will NOT just grow back the next year. There is a park here in Grand Rapids, Aman Park, where the Trilliums are thriving. But even here, their survival is threatened by an invasive weed called Garlic Mustard. If you want to learn more about this unique park, visit the Grand Rapids City Parks website. If you’d like to do something useful with your time (now, now, don’t be so sensitive) you can join in fighting The Dreaded Garlic Mustard Weed by visiting the Garlic Mustard Challenge 2010 website.


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