Natural Antique

Antiques are, without exception, man-made.  However, only part of their value can be created by man.  The rest is up to time and the elements.  Even a restored or “mint condtion” item derives it’s value from the fact that mother nature had her way with all the others that didn’t make it as far.

I just returned from Traverse City where the fruit trees are blossoming and the dandelions are showing off. I’ve started sorting through the images and I will share them soon. Until then, here is  an antique found along the way…

Antiqued Barn

  1. Marrilee says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I have send your threadster link to several friends who enjoy obtaining such wonderful quality images. Hope all is well! Marrilee

    • Edward Bussa says:

      Thanks Marrilee, I’m glad you found me! I’ve read about Edward Lumley’s passion for serving in Africa. I assume you’ve seen the West Africa category – I’ve been meaning to write and see if you could mention the site to him?

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