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Polar Bears and Trilliums

Posted in West Michigan on April 30th, 2010 by Edward Bussa – Be the first to comment

What 3 things do Polar Bears and Trillium flowers have in common?

Give already? The obvious one is they’re both white, but what about the other two?

Polar Bears and Trilliums are also both vulnerable and just trying to survive. I know, kind of the same thing, but really different if you think about it.
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Trilliums Now!

Posted in West Michigan on May 4th, 2009 by Edward Bussa – 2 Comments

Trilliums are delicate flowers and don’t stay in bloom very long, so be sure to get out and see them one nice day this week.  A ritual for me each spring is to pay a visit to Aman Park where I marvel at the mounded fields flush with lily white beauties. Three delicate petals and three large wavy green leaves define these protected flowers.  Normally you will find one or two of them in the woods or see a small group of them along the road.  This is not the case at Aman Park.  The first time walking into what I think of as “Trillium Valley”, you are overwhelmed with green and white on every hill.  I’ve lived and worked in West Michigan for, well, forever and I just learned about this park and its tradition of abundant Trilliums a few years ago from “The Clary Sisters” (Nikki and Jenn) – thanks for the tip!

It is delightful to see such a delicate flower thriving in such expansive numbers.  So get to Aman Park (google map) soon or wait until next year!  Be sure to bring and wear bug spray if you plan on loitering a bit.  The mosquitos come out early in this valley.

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